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Happy Friday Brian Manning here with your weekly update let’s get right to it so not a lot of news this week really markets haven’t been mostly impacted by this little tiff with China and a lack of agreement over tariffs.

If you look at the stock markets this week you see they’re up there down there just kind of on a roller coaster mortgage rates have really benefited from this, I would say overall over the last two weeks mortgage rates have kind of slowly been declining but we’re out of at a pivotal spot right now.

I sometime between today and the beginning or middle next week mortgage rates are going to really probably break out one way or another, we’re going to see them. Definitely go down, if we see a change in the yield on the 10 year Treasury, we’re going to see them increase I think we’re going to kind of see them break away from this flatline they’ve been out for a little while now. So we’ll have to really watch closely and see what happens.

Wednesday this week as with every Wednesday we got data from the Mortgage Bankers Association so it’s really great to see on a year over year basis so from this time compared to last time last year ago, purchase applications are up 7% so mortgage rates right now, from a year ago to now are down three eighths of a percent, and as a result of this we’re seeing some really strong benefits in the spring homebuyer market so 7% increase of purchases for mortgage applications just awesome to say, I’m around all weekend. If you have any questions let me know.

I would certainly love to help you and be part of your business. If you have any mortgage related questions and need a pre approval done call my cell phone, text me whatever works for you is good for me happy Friday hope you get to enjoy this wonderful and beautiful spring weekend.



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