Weekly Market Update – December 1st
From Vientiane, Laos
Tax Reform Bill Wreaks Havoc on Market and Rates Go Up





Happy Friday, Brian Manning here with
your weekly update but we’re not at home

can you tell? Let’s see, so right behind
me is Laos this is Vientiane, Laos

the capital city Laos and if I turn this way,
that’s the Mekong River and behind me is

Thailand! Pretty sweet! So let’s see, what
kind of update do have for you today?

Don’t think you’re going to get away with nothing. Let’s see earlier this week new home sales

home sales to the highest rate in
10 years so really good to see solid new

home sales. Also we got PCE the personal consumption expenditure. The feds

favorite gauge for inflation. Pretty much
flat if we look at the CPI and the PCE

we’re not really seeing much increase
there. What else? If we look at what’s

happening in the markets — stocks are on a tear basically right now

everything is based off the tax reform
and seeing stocks increasing because

that we’re getting pressure on mortgage
rates and unfortunately we saw a bit of a

increase of mortgage rates this week.
That’s it for me I’m gonna be myself

some good dinner maybe it’s a spicy
papaya salad we’ll see what happens

happy Friday have a great day

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