Grand Total = $1,555 and 71 Pounds of Food

That will provide 4,665 meals for local families!

We are happy to announce that together with our amazing network of friends we raised $1,555 and 71 pounds of food for Community Food Share at our 2017 Annual Fall Fiesta! This will provide 4,665 meals for families in Boulder County and beyond.

We continuously choose to partner with Community Food Share because despite Boulder County’s affluent image, 1 in 6 of our residents is living in poverty. In fact, there are 14,000 children living in poverty in just the Boulder Valley & St. Vrain Valley School Districts alone.

Here is a story of how our donations affect real people within our community:

“When I pulled up to Betty’s home in Lafayette, she was standing on her front porch welcoming me. I carried the groceries to her kitchen table — bags of apples and carrots, a loaf of bread, and a box filled with canned foods. On my way out, I asked if the food was helpful to her, and before I knew it, 45 minutes had passed. I sat in her living room, listening to her captivating stories of the life events that led her to need help. Betty grew up in Kansas, where she met and married her husband. Sadly, at age 35, he passed away due to terminal stomach cancer. Betty raised their four children, working full-time to put them through college. In 1976, she moved to Colorado where she held several jobs that she greatly enjoyed, including cooking in the cafeteria of Fairview High School. At age 65, she fell and broke both wrists, and the injuries forced her into early, unplanned retirement. Reflecting on the financial strain of this, Betty shared, “I never recouped what I lost at that time.” She now receives free groceries from Community Food Share, and because Betty has trouble with her hips and arthritic pain, we deliver her food. “I love fruits and vegetables, and I used to spend most of my money on them.” With fresh produce provided by the food bank, she is able to use the money to pay other bills. I asked if she still shops at the grocery store, and she told me she receives $16 a month in food stamps. Having saved her allowance last month, she was looking forward to using the $32 to buy a roast. “I cut it into pieces to make it last. I cook one piece — that usually gives me two or three meals — and I freeze the rest.” A few days later, as I sat down to create my grocery shopping list, I thought about how, unlike Betty, I seldom think twice about the items I add: shrimp for hosting our friends, beef for tacos, and my husband’s favorite coconut milk. Many of us use recipes, habitual favorites, and even impulse to decide what we buy at the grocery store. But people like Betty save two months of food stamps to buy meat. In Boulder and Broomfield Counties, 1 in 8 people are struggling to put food on the table — that’s 13% of the population. There are seniors like Betty, and also working parents, adults with disabilities, and children. Thankfully, with support from people like you, Community Food Share is here to bring food to those who need it — more than 9.1 million meals a year. ” — Julia McGee, Director of Communications



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